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    BEML Limited provides products and services to the mining and construction, rail and metro, and defense and aerospace sectors in India. The company offers mining machinery for opencast and underground mines; dozers, excavators, backhoe loaders, front end loaders, and motor graders; hydraulic pumps and cylinders, hydro-pneumatic suspensions, and control valves;

     In addition, the company offers armored recovery and repair vehicles, engineering mine ploughs, and surface mine clearance systems; BMP transmission and final drives, BMP refurbishing products, assembly hydrogas suspension units, and transmission products; wagons and milrail coaches, and ejectors and air cleaners; and aircraft towing tractors, ground handling and ground support equipment, crash fire tenders, aircraft weapon loaders, jigs and fixtures, and gears.

    Further, it provides mobility vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, command post vehicles, pinaka launchers, pontoon bridge systems, bridge systems, heavy recovery vehicles, and trailers, as well as snow cutters and aircraft weapon loading trolleys. The company also exports its products to approximately 68 countries worldwide. The company was formerly known as Bharat Earth Movers Limited. BEML Limited was founded in 1964 and is based in Bengaluru, India.

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    Industry: Specialty Industrial Machinery

    Sector: Industrials



    BEML.BO ₹675.60

    Range: 671.50 - 685.0052

    week range: 369.60 - 1,108.20

    Volume: ₹13.30K

    Shares outstanding: 41.64M

    Market cap: ₹28.14B


    BEML.NS ₹676.00

    Range: 672.00 - 684.0052

    week range: 369.50 - 1,108.95

    Volume: ₹149.21K

    Shares outstanding: 41.64M

    Market cap: ₹28.14B

  • BCC Fuba India Ltd Live Share/Stock Price, Live Stock/Share market index

    BCC Fuba India Limited manufactures and sells printed circuit boards (PCBs) in India. It offers single sided, double sided, and multilayered PCBs for PCB electronic industry. The company was incorporated in 1985 and is based in New Delhi, India.

    At the core of each electronic item is a PCB, or Printed Circuit Board. The item's presentation and its life rely gigantically upon the quality and unwavering quality of the PCB. Which is the reason, at BCC Fuba, our solid promise to quality guarantees that each PCB leaving our processing plant entryways is immaculate.

    Set up in 1990, BCC Fuba was one of the early participants in the Indian PCB advertise. With specialized help from Fuba Hans Kolbe of Germany, we set up and built up our assembling offices with hardware from Europe and the USA.

    We make single-sided, twofold sided and multi-sided (up to 8 layers) PCBs for a tremendous assortment of utilizations.

    Today, with our blend of exceptionally propelled hardware and a specialist, experienced group, we carry just the best norms to the table. Our considerable rundown of famous customers pays declaration to this.

    Throughout the years, we have been granted the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation, endorsement by the Guarantors Research centers (UL) of the USA, household endorsement by CACT and C-Spot, among others. We are, in this way, affirmed to meet all Racket and US MIL principles and IPC determinations.

    BCC Fuba is recorded on the Bombay Stock Trade.

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    Industry: Electronic Components

    Sector: Technology



    BCCFUBA.BO ₹6.68


    6.68 - 6.68

    52 week range

    4.43 - 10.38



    Shares outstanding


  • Bartronics India Ltd Live Stock Price, Bartronics India Share Price

    Bartronics India Limited gives programmed recognizable proof and information to catch arrangements around the world. It offers savvy cards, including memory, crypto memory, GSM, contactless, biometric, and national cards; radio recurrence ID and endeavor portability arrangements; and e-government arrangements, for example, monetary incorporation, open dissemination, and explorer the board frameworks, just as medical coverage ventures, and shrewd card based driving permit and vehicle enlistment.


    IT foundation the board administrations, for example, server farm, end client registering, undertaking system and security, far off framework the executives, and IT administration work area; and key sourcing administrations.


     It serves training, government, social insurance, law implementation and open security, producing, telecom, transport and coordinations, and aviation enterprises, just as banking and budgetary administrations. The organization was once known as Super Bartronics Constrained and changed its name to Bartronics India Restricted in January 1996. Bartronics India Constrained was joined in 1990 and is situated in Hyderabad, India.

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    Industry: Information Technology Services


    Sector: Technology





    Range: 1.85 - 1.9552

    week range: 0.61 - 3.80

    Volume: ₹13.50K

    Shares outstanding: 34.05M

    Market cap: ₹62.99M





    Range: 1.85 - 1.9052

    week range: 0.45 - 3.75

    Volume: ₹11.24K

    Shares outstanding: 34.05M

    Market cap: ₹62.99M

  • What is Sensex?

    The term Sensex is also known as the Sensitive index which was named by the stock market analysts. It is used to measure the performance of top 30 stocks which are listed in BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). These stocks are actively traded in the exchange market. The main role of the S&P BSE Sensex index is to review the movement of the Indian stock market.

    The increase of the Sensex value denotes the growth or increase of share price. Moreover, decreasing value denotes the decrease in share value. The Sensitive Index is the benchmark record of the Indian Capital Markets with wide acknowledgment among individual Investors, foreign investors, and fund chiefs.

    A proportion of unpredictability gives adequate data for a financial specialist to base his choice. An opportunity to enter, purchase or sell, is a basic choice that relies upon showcase states of mind. The speculator can utilize the Beta estimation of stock to comprehend its instability.

    A benchmark demonstrates legitimately the store trough's presentation. These are the gathering of protections that are considered as a benchmark to gauge a reserve's/stock execution.

    Likewise observe Reserve Classes, Mutual Funds, Hedge investments, ETF, and Index Assets.

    File subsidiaries are for the most part prospects gets that depend on stock or money related records like Sensex. List fates are utilized to hypothesize on the bearing of value development for a list, for example, the S&P 500. Financial specialists and venture administrators likewise use list fates to support their value positions against misfortunes.

    Difference Between Sensex and Nifty

    1. Sensex stands for Sensitive Index and Nifty stands for National Fifty.

    2. Sensex is calculated after considering the 31 stocks and Nifty calculated after considering the 51 stocks.

    3. Market Capitalization of Sensex stood around 25 percent at the same time nifty stood at around 29 percent.

    According to the reports, the Sensex traded on Foreign Exchange Market on Dubai Gold, Commodity Exchange, and DGCX. It captures the 12 sector sentiment.

  • Currency Trading

    Currency trading is trading on buy and sell currencies inside the forex market. The foreign exchange rate is the fee at which one forex may be exchanged for some other. It is constantly quoted in pairs just like the eur/usd (the euro and america dollar). Trade charges range base on economic factors like inflation, business production, and geopolitical occasions. Those factors will have an effect on whether or not you purchase or promote a currency pair. The forex trading fee is the rate at which one foreign exchange for some other currency. This is pretty pairs which includes eur / usd (euro and us dollar). Trade fees range based totally on monetary factors which include inflation, commercial production, and geopolitical activities. Forex exchange is the arena’s largest marketplace, with approximately five trillion dollars in day by day volume and 24-hour marketplace motion.

    Traders may trade on leverage, but this will increase ability earnings and losses. Foreign exchange is available–you don’t need plenty of cash to get started out. Currencies recognize by using is a foreign money pairing or by means of the three-letter alphabetical code, they related them with on the global forex market.

    Minor currency pairs

    Traders exchange many currencies inside the forex marketplace. Currencies that aren't paired with us greenback however comprising the euro, UK pound and yen are minor pairs. Those are the 3 most traded currencies besides us dollar. Minor pairs have a decrease marketplace percentage as compared to important pairs. Because of this, they may show reduced market liquidity. Decrease market liquidity will purpose a broker spreading wider currency trading.

  • What Is Forex?

    Forex implies Remote Trade Market. Outside Trade Market is the place remote monetary forms are purchased or sold, and we exchange cash sets. Here, purchasers and merchants are associated with the deal or acquisition of monetary forms from various nations. Forex trading market is the world's greatest, most fluid market with a normal day by day exchanging volume surpassing $5 trillion. Two sorts of a market are available in FX.

    The Foreign Exchange Market is open from Monday morning to Friday evening. The Forex advertise is constantly open during the week. You can "purchase and sell" and hence wager on rising or falling costs. This is extraordinary and permits Forex merchants to make money when trade rates go here and there.

    Business banks are the second most significant body of the Forex Market. The banks managing in remote trade play a place of "advertise producers" by the way they quote the outside trade rates for obtaining and selling remote monetary forms routinely. They additionally work as stock trades, clearing out the hole among requests and money supply. These banks buy the monetary standards from the agents and offer them to the clients.

    Outside trade intermediaries go about as a contact between the national bank and business banks, and between the genuine clients and business banks. They are the fundamental wellspring of market information. These are the individuals who don't purchase the remote money all alone, however on a commission premise strike an arrangement between the purchaser and the dealer.

    Forex Trading offers up to 5 types of benefits to traders. Gigantic liquidity that is changed over into negligible exchange costs, Wide Decision of everything, Exchanging 24 hours of the day, and etc.