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  • On 06/08/2020

Bartronics India Limited gives programmed recognizable proof and information to catch arrangements around the world. It offers savvy cards, including memory, crypto memory, GSM, contactless, biometric, and national cards; radio recurrence ID and endeavor portability arrangements; and e-government arrangements, for example, monetary incorporation, open dissemination, and explorer the board frameworks, just as medical coverage ventures, and shrewd card based driving permit and vehicle enlistment.


IT foundation the board administrations, for example, server farm, end client registering, undertaking system and security, far off framework the executives, and IT administration work area; and key sourcing administrations.


 It serves training, government, social insurance, law implementation and open security, producing, telecom, transport and coordinations, and aviation enterprises, just as banking and budgetary administrations. The organization was once known as Super Bartronics Constrained and changed its name to Bartronics India Restricted in January 1996. Bartronics India Constrained was joined in 1990 and is situated in Hyderabad, India.

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Industry: Information Technology Services


Sector: Technology





Range: 1.85 - 1.9552

week range: 0.61 - 3.80

Volume: ₹13.50K

Shares outstanding: 34.05M

Market cap: ₹62.99M





Range: 1.85 - 1.9052

week range: 0.45 - 3.75

Volume: ₹11.24K

Shares outstanding: 34.05M

Market cap: ₹62.99M


Bartronics India Limited Bartronics India Ltd Live Stock Price Bartronics India Share Price IT Stock Market Live

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